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Hi T-Dancer! In Touch International, you are able to send a gift to your friends or your love one! You can send all unbind items by mail in game. Here is the tutorial. Check this out!
Send Gift
1st step:
Go to "Setting" (wrench icon) at the right top of lobby interface
00 Start

2nd Step:
Go to "SAFETY" (the 5th tab) , enter your password that you want to set EVERY TIME YOU SEND A GIFT (please don't forget your password and DO NOT SHARE IT to anyone!), choose the password hint, then put an answer of the password hint. After done, make sure do not forget it, then click "Confirm"
0 next

Please take note that password can't be null and should be less than 10 characters
12 Password Rule

3rd Step:if you put everything correctly, it will pop up "Successfully Set The Password"
02 Successful Set password
4th Step:Choose the gift that you want to send with "G" button which means it giftable and click it.
03 Give Item
5th Step: Select your friend or add contacts if you haven't become a friend with people that you want to send, then click "Confirm".
05 Send Gift select contact

6th Step: Enter your password that you set before, then click " Confirm"
06 Input Password

7th Step: Then done!
07 Success

Forgot Password
If you forget your password, you are able to reset your password.
1st Step:
Go to 'Setting" (wrench icon) at the right top of lobby interface
00 Start
2nd Step:Click "Force Reset Password"
08 Forgot Password

3rd StepEnter an answer of your password hint
09 Recover via Password Hint
4th Step:Enter your new password and repeat it.
Please take note that it will takes 5 days to reset your password. So, you are not able to send gift for 5 days if your forget and reset your password.

10 Force Reset Password 5days
Edit Hint
If you forgot your hint answer, you can change it.
Go to "Edit Hint", enter your gift password, then choose new hint, enter answer and repeat answer and done :D
11 Edit hint

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