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Hey T-Dancer! Did you know that you can get awesome clothes just by dancing? ;O

With this feature it's now possible

Dance Stage mode also provides the most Experience Points. 

Everyday at 0:00 (server time) the Energy that we need to play this mode resets to 100 allowing us to play 5 times daily (Energy cost is 20 per round). However, players can buy more energy depending on their VIP level.

There are two ways to access this mode. Simply click on Lobby > Create Stage (Only accessible on Normal, Free and Cross Server rooms).

The other method (in case you are already in a room) is just to click on "Create Stage" button above music menu.

When you click the button, a new window will appear. That's the Dance Stage Interface.

By clicking on Remind, the system will remind you about the energy and if you want to use it or not.

By clicking on Cost, 20 energy will be reduced from your current energy per round. With this option you will have the chance to earn a Chip. You can exchange them for awesome clothes once you have completed them all.

And finally, by clicking on Not Cost your energy won't be affected. However, you won't be able to get any Chip.

If you ever want to check your progress with Chips just click on Stage Index button on the right corner.

Stage Index Interface:

By clicking on Restore Energy button you will access to this small window:

Extra energy cost RC/CR.
- Minimum 20 energy for 200 RC/CR
- Maximum 80 energy for 1160 RC/CR “Quick Clear” helps you to clear the stage without playing it
- Cost 50 RC/CR each (It’s free if you have the Dancer Privilege Ticket that was bought from Guild Store. 1 ticket = 1 stage clear)

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Touch 3 Claws
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