Social Tab

Social Tab

Ever wondered what "Tacit Rapport“ means and how you could get fans?
Let’stake a deeperlook at theSocial Tab!

1.) Click on the Social Tab in game.

Then you can explore your social contacts.
1. Searching for other players
Just type in their IGN or copy it by right clicking on their name.
2.Your amount of collected bubbles

3. These bubbles can be crafted too ther various items if you combine them.
4.The social center may help you to find other people from your region.

»Your Couple«
If you already found a couple on Touch, her/his IGN will be displayed here.
You can see if she/he is online,your intimacy and also if your couple joined a room already or not.

»Your friends«
Did you know that the maximum of friends you can get is limited?You can get 200 friends in total.If your friend list is full,you won’t be able to add any other players anymore.(Sorting out from time to time will help to avoid this situation)

Just as you can see if your couple is online, you’re also able to see which of your friends are online, how much intimacy you already collected and if they already joined a room or are still in lobby.
»Player you follow«

It might happen that someoe doesn’t follow you back. If that’s the case, the player will be listed in the "Follow" category. As soon the player follows back,he or she will be added to your friendlist automatically. 
»Your fans« 
Players will be added to your personal "Fan"-list ifyoudon’t follow them back.

As soon someone follows you, the number of your fans increases.

»Tacit Rapport«
Players will be listed in this category if they ever voted for you when you danced together.

 »Players you danced with recently«
If you ever hopped through rooms and forgot the name of one ofthe players, you got along with very well – don’t worry. You will find any IGN  here if you danced with them recently.
You can also have a look into the list of players which got got blacklisted by you.
You may can visit their profile,but there’s no way to contact them. 
Neither they can contact you.
If you wanna remove them from your blacklist,you need to right click on the players name and select "Out blacklist“.
»Apprentices& Tutor«
In the last category you can find your Tutor,your Apprentices and your Fellows.
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