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Xsolla Website:

First Step: Click in the link:

Second Step: Put your User ID and Password or in the way that you login. Then click in “CONFIRM”.

Third Step: Choose the "Xsolla" method and your server and place an Email Address (it will be useful for the company to contact you). Then you click on "Next Step >>".

Fourth Step: Choose the nominal by selecting "Buy Package".

Fifth Step: You can choose among the Popular Payment Methods or click on "Show more Methods".

Sixth Step: You can instantly find the media you want to use in the “Search Payment Method” or according to the country where you are coming from.

Here is the displays if you use “Credit/Debit Cards” to top up:

Or if you use “Mobile Payment”:

Recommendation: Finish the transaction once you are sure of the amount chosen.

(Latin America & Spain Moderator)


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