Social Center

Social Center
Did you ever wonder how you can get to know people around your region? Or do you just play too often alone, but you don’t know how to take the first step of attaching others?
Then you probably haven’t discovered our Social Center yet!

First Step:
To get to our Social Center, you have to go to the “More Systems”-Tab in game.

Second Step:
After you selected the “More Systems”-Tab, please go to “Social Center”.

Third Step:

NOTE: “Zodiac Tales” is currently not available.

Klick on “Find Friends” and you will get to the “Friends Center”.

On the bottom you will find players from your area/country.
There are two options: you can follow them or you can do a “Fate Test”.
Wondering what the “Fate Test” is about?
Follow this link:
Klick me!

You can also use the search tab on the upper side of the box.

On the City tabyou can look for players:
… from any city
… from the same city
… from a different city

On the Gender tab you can look for players…
… with any sex
… with the opposite sex
… with the same sex

On the Marriage tab you can look for players…
… with any relationship status (Single, taken, married)
… who are single
… who are married

On the Age tab you can look for players…
… with any age
… with an age of 10- until an age of 40+

On the VIP tab you can look for players…
… with any VIP status
… with VIP1 – VIP20

So don’t hesitate and get in contact with other players.
Have fun and keep in Touch!


Jіyu – Touch 3Claws German Moderator



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