Search manually

Search manually

Buy in the exchange things for the opposite sex and find those things in the bag.

We must enter the "Exchange".

And select what you are looking for

As an example we will take my character, I am “Male” and I will buy shoes for “Female”.

After choosing well what we want to buy, we click on "Buy".

As an example I will buy shoes "Wheat".
 .We have to verify the Unit price and Purchase, then we click on "Confirm"

We must enter in the “Mail”.

and click on "Collect".

Then we must enter in the “Bag”.

Note: We should not be alarmed if we do not find what we buy at the moment, nor select "Show all", or "Giftable".

We must search for it MANUALLY, writing the name of what we buy.

As an example I will Search for the shoes "Wheat".

Finally we can find our purchase.

Search Button From exchange do experience some bugs. It will be fixed soon. Any Issues regarding exchange please submit a ticket

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