Trade Password

Trade Password [Change & Retrieve]

1: Go to settings

2.Safety Tab

3.   Type your current password and your new one twice.

Click Confirm

Make sure every detail is correct

Retrieve [2 ways]
Method 1: Via Password Hint
If you remember your password hint answer, you can retrieve your trade password through it.
1.     Go to Settings.

Safety Tab

In front of "Retrieve Password", click "Via Password Hint".

     Choose your password hint & type your answer then click "Confirm".

If you entered everything correctly, you will get a new message with your trade password.

Method 2: Force reset password
If you don't remember your password hint & answer, you can force reset your trade password.
1.     Go to Settings.

Safety Tab

 In front of "Retrieve Password", click "Force reset password".

Type your new password twice then click "Confirm".
You will now get a success message and there will be a 5D countdown.
After this countdown is over, you can use your new password.

If you want to change your password hint, go to Settings => Safety => Edit Hint and enter the information.
Safe trading!

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