Before your child can be brought out, you must hold a “Birthday Banquet” for them. 
Child Banquet
There are 2 types of banquet halls. The luxurious banquet costs 2000 CR/RC/Lucky Coin. Whereas the normal banquet costs 5000 credits.

After opening the banquet, you click “start banquet.” During this time, other players can bless your child until the countdown is over.
 Players can use CR/RC/Lucky Coin to bless your baby.
When players bless your child, they will receive rewards. Only players that bless your baby can receive prizes. The owner of the baby that holds the baby banquet does not receive any prizes. The baby also does not receive any prizes.
 After the banquet is over, you can now bring out your child. Profile > Baby Info > Bring out button. Your baby can now be by your side in the lobby, game room and dance with you in-game. 

To manage your baby’s workplace, click “Manage WP.” This is where you can level up your child’s workplace. Higher level workplaces are needed to receive higher level pieces to craft fashion items.

When you click “Start Work” tab, you can work your baby in other player’s workplace (either your friend’s or random players). Every time you work your child, the child’s satiety will decrease. You must increase your child’s satiety to allow your child to continue work. The baby feeding items can also be found in the guild store (keep in mind that the guild stores’ items randomly change on a daily).

The “baby ability” tab is where you can level up your baby’s ability to craft fashion items. There are 3 abilities: designer, magician and stylish.
Child’s Wings 
Players must increase their aptitude to increase their child’s wing level.

These potions can be used to increase aptitude levels.

There are 3 types of wings to select for your child (you can only own one at a time). There are the Angel, Devil and Elf wings to choose from.

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