Interaction Tab

Interaction Tab
When we are in our room, on the right side in the middle part there will be a "Interaction Tab", we must click there and many options will come out
First option:
This is the option to "INTERACT", here you can choose between four options: Single, Couple, Items and Owned.
You have individual interactions to choose, there are two types, those that are permanent and you can always use and others that have numbers in the bottom right side (if you have 0 that means that this interaction can’t be used).

The same happens with the couple interactions.
As in the previous 2 options, the same thing happens. (As for the mount interactions, you must have that mount in your bag so that it can be enabled).
In this option will appear only the interactions (either single, couple or items) that you can use, discounting those with 0.
Second option:
This is the option to "TRANSFORM", here you can choose between two options: All and Owned.
You have interactions to become animated characters according to the set you have, if you see the number 0 on the bottom right side that means you can’t use it because you still have to get that set.
Owned: This option is simpler to see what actions to transform you have.

 Third option:
This is the option to "PLAYSCORE", here you can just choose the option: All. (Recommendation: to play any melody you must use your instrument in the room.)
Play the sound
By checking the option "Batch Use" you can put the amount of actions (single or couple) that you want, then you must click on "Confirm".

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