Moon Rabbit Escaped

Moon Rabbit Escaped
*This boss is under the World Boss Category.

Gather up your friends and defeat the boss by dancing together~ 
During the event,you will earn a certain damage in which you'll
decrease the Boss's HP/Life.
Event Rewards:
  1. March Hare's Wheel x1 for every 100 Damage;
  2. Extra 40 MWH for No.1 attacker;
  3.  Extra 30 MHW for No.2 attacker;
  4. Extra 20 MHW for No.3 attacker;
  5.   Extra 40 MHW for the last-strike room; [last room to defeat the boss]
  6. Wheel contents: EXP Card, Credit Chest, BR Cards, Funny Action and accessories, as well as special reward  
~Lady Rabbit(15d), Big-ear Rabbit(30d), Umbrealla Cat and Rainbow Windmill(30d)

Rewards will be sent through your main in-game.


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