Tying the Knot

Lvl. 18 – Tying the Knot
For beginners, there is a new feature in Touch where you can gain a set (7 days) from a mission. The player have to be level 18 and up to receive the mission.
Step 1 : Click the mission button
Step 2 : Accept the “Tying the knot” mission

Step 3 (i) : Find a couple. Right click another player IGN (In-game Name) and click “Lover”
Step 3 (ii) : You can also find a couple by clicking another player’s detail and click “Invite Lover”
Step 4 : When the player accept your request for lover, you successfully completed the mission. The reward will be send directly to your bag.
Sea Yan [Female]
Sea Soul[Male]

Credits :
Touch 3Claws Malaysia Moderator


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