Affinity Guide

Guide on how to gain more affinity

Once you have married your lover you will notice that in the couple tab on your profile you now have daily missions available as well as sweetness and affinity. 

Increasing the affinity you have will help determine your couple ranking  and the shape and color  of  the Tree of Love. 

There are a couple of ways to increase your affinity level:
  • You can upgrade your wedding ring by gaining sweetness from your daily sweet event missions. 

[This w ill increase the affinity slightly]

  • Upgrading your badge by completing daily heartthrob missions 

[This will increase the affinity significantly]

  • Through blessings from wedding anniversary. 
[Every 10 blessings = 1 affinity]
[Other players can click ‘bless’ and then select a blessing]

When you have achieved affinity,it will also determine the position of your couple in the ranking system. 
You can earn rewards if you make it into the top 10 ranks 
[Including a title you can wear]

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