Top-Up with Offgamers

First Step: Click the link:

Second Step: Put your User ID and Password or in the way that you login. Then click on “CONFIRM”.

Third Step: Choose the "Offgamers" method and put your server. Then click on "Next Step >>".

Fourth Step: Choose the nominal that you want to buy.

Fifth Step: Login to offgamers ID (shasso) then choose again the nominal.

Sixth Step:  Put your username or 3Claws ID & choose your server CORRECTLY! Then click on “Proceed to checkout”.

Seventh Step: Select the payment that you want to use:

Eighth Step: After having chosen the payment method you must click on "PAY NOW"
This you must do if you want to pay with a credit card:

-        It is the first purchase you may be subjected to a one-time verification process (You must fill in all the data and then click on "NEXT").
-        Then you can fill your data with your credit card to continue with the transaction. (If it is not the first time that you use this method you can ignore the above).

Finally, you can verify your transactions by clicking on "MyOffgamers" > "Buy History".

Recommendation: Finish the transaction and you will see the status of your order.

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