Batch Use (Interaction)

Did you know that you can use more than one interaction  at once?
You want to receive more than one,five, or even 15 popularity points?  Then the"Batch Use“ function could be interesting for you!

1.) Click on the Interaction Tab in game.
2.)Then a pop-up window will slide out from the left - that’s your interaction tab. 
All the actions you collected will be listed there.
You can use the "Batch Use“ function just for the "Single“ and "Couple" category only.

3.)Set a check mark right next to "Batch Use".

4.)Select the player you want to interact with and choose

 an action. [Used in the example: Fight]

Now it’s your turn to select the amount of actions you want to use. 
[Used in the example: Changed the amount from 104 t o 10]

After you’re done, click "Confirm“.

You will use the total number of actions you’ve got if you don't change the amount.

5.)Now you will interact with your partner and he/she will receive the chosen popularity.

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