Baron Vampire

Baron Vampire
Event Rewards :
1.Halloween Wheel x1 for every 100 Damages
2.Extra 40 Wheel for No.1 attacker
3. Extra 30 Wheel for No.2 attacker
4. Extra 20 Wheel for No.3 attacker
5. Extra 40 Wheel for the last-strike room
Halloween Wheel :
Reward List :

1. 150 Credit Chest
2. Black-cloaked Reaper (30 Days)
3. 100 Credit Chest
4. 200 BRC Card
5. 100 BRC Card
6. 200 Credit Chest
7. 150 EXP
8. Handbag (7 Days)
9. 200 EXP
10. Pumpkin Lantern (30 Days)
11. 100 EXP
12. Pumpkin Sis (15 Days)
Pumpkin Sis
Pumpkin Lantern
Black-cloaked Reaper

Credits :
Touch 3Claws Malaysia Moderator



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