Su Ran Fortune Wheel

Su Ran Fortune Wheel
Su Ran Fortune wheel can be obtained from top up/consumption event.
You can claim different rewards:
Su ran hair Opt pack
Su ran Top Opt pack
Su ran Headdress Opt pack
Su ran Shoes Opt pack
Su ran Suit Black/White Rare Fashion (without the hair)
Sky Wings Random pack
Theme Airing
100 Credits
Cute coke (30 days Left hand)
Eggs Opt pack small
 Su Ran Hair Opt pack
Su Ran Hair WT
Su Ran top opt pack (F)
Su Ran Yellow

Su Ran Blue
Su Ran BK
Su Ran WT
Su Ran (F) Full Set 
Su Ran Male
SuRan headdress (F)
Coke (Left hand)
Sky Wings White (F/M)

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