Multi Game Card

Multi Game Card
Step 1 : Open the link -
Step 2 : Click “WHERE TO BUY” and choose the type of payment you want to use
Step 3 : After received the codes, click “WHERE TO USE” and click “Redeem” for Touch 3Claws

Step 4 : The page will direct to you to 3Claws charge page and choose “ Touch – 3D Dance Game”
Step 5 : The page will direct to and sign-in your Touch 3Claws ID
Step 6 : Choose your server 

Step 7 : Select Multi Game Card and insert the Serial and PIN you received from Step 1. Then, click “Next Step”
Step 8 : After clicking “Next Step” , it will show your transaction result.The Payment Channel will based on the option you choose to buy Multi Game Card Codes.

Credits :
[Touch 3Claws Moderator Malaysia]


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