Plume Fortune Wheel

Plume Fortune Wheel
Plume Fortune wheel can be obtained from top up event
You can claim different rewards:
Plume hair Opt pack
Plume Top Opt pack
Plume earring Opt pack
Plume Shoes Opt pack
Plume Suit Black/White Rare (without the hair)
Soaring Sky Random Pack
Theme Airing
100 Credits
Carrot Duck (30 days Left shoulder)
Eggs Opt pack small (contains egg of Labor, Bamboo, Children, Mid-Autumn, Orchid, Autumn, Fortune, Qixi, Summertime to choose)

Plume Suit BK
Plume F BK
Plume Earing BK
Carrot Duck (30 days)
Plume Shoes
Plume Set[Female]
Plume Set [Male]
Soaring Sky Random pack

Ιsαвεllα(Canada Touch Moderator)


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