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Hi, T-Dancer! Do you know that you are able to be a close friend with someone that you used to play and dance together with you? Let’s read the full close friend guide!

How to Become Close Friends

You need to be a friend first, with someone that you want to be a close friend with, after that open ‘Social’ Tab, select ‘friends’ drop-down menu and then ‘right-click your friend's name.

After that, you will see ‘Close Friend’ Drop Down Menu, then click it

Your friend will get invitation, like down below and then click ‘Confirm’

Now, open your profile and find ‘Close Friend’ Tab.

You can write your mood and you will be able to see your friend’s mood also.

NOTE : You need to be a friend first, with someone that you want to be a close friend, having 20 Intimacy with him/her is a must. Get intimacy by dancing together or by sending flowers. You can get, ‘Bubble’ by sending ‘flowers’. Check the new tab to know what bubble is, use for

Sending Flowers

STEP 1: Open ‘Social Tab', then select ‘friends’ drop-down menu.

Right, Click into your friend name then click ‘Flowers’.

STEP 2: Select the Flower Type

NOTE : You can only send flowers 3times a day!

How to Rescind

If you think that you can not take him/her anymore, you may ‘Rescind’ or just ‘Force Rescind’
if you really want to. If you are using Forced Rescind, you will have to pay 1,000 Credits. But if you don't want to pay, you can use ‘Rescind’.

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