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Today, we are going to talk about mission. What is mission? Mission is a challenge that we need to complete in TOUCH. When you are playing Touch 3Claws, you need complete the mission everyday to gain exp.   In Touch 3Claws, Mission will guides and helps you to reach your next level based on your progress in game.
Now, let us guide you how to complete your mission cgm7f46c7b4c7e0dbb246502750e6b8b317263
1st: Go to mission on the bar menu in game
touch online guide

In mission, there are many types of mission that you need to complete.
touch online guide
  • MAIN: The main mission that you need to complete. Example: go to the next level
  • SIDE: You need to play in multiplayer mode or play with your friend to finish the mission :)
  • DAILY: This is a daily mission. It will appears once/day, so if you are not complete the mission on that day, tomorrow it will stay in your mission list.
  • RANDOM: It's a random mission. Don't forget to finish the mission too. It will pop up everytime to give you exp bonus  gXUXS
After you done with your mission, don't forget to claim your reward and check your bag ^^ So, for you who want to level up faster, finish your mission everyday and be the greatest in Touch 3Claws! Keep in Touch! (*≧∇≦*)

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