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Hello T-Dancer~ Did you know? Now you can decompose all the items in your bag that you don't really want :O
Let's take a look on this quick guide :3

During the event you can recycle all kind of items in your bag. You will get random number of “Green leafy”. The items can be timed, permanent, bound or even expired !

You can even recycle actions and packs.

By clicking on the green bin in the activity this window will open :

Now you only need to pick an item and click on “Confirm decomposition”. You will get random amount of Green leafy.

In your bag you can find the green leafy. By pressing on Merge the crafting page will open.

Craftable items :

All items are permanent.

XL Bunny Ears - Headwear (1)
Shy - Glasses (2)
Study Well - Right Hand (3)

Fiery Rabbit Red and Green - Backwear

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