Dreamy Pumpkin Wagon

How to Craft it:

Items you would need 1st prize sets.
New Year Set from Firstmoon Egg
Cupid Set from Apricot Egg
Love Cake Set from Warbler Egg
Luxurious Heart Set from Orange Egg

Once you have acquired the items to craft the Dreamy Pumpkin Wagon, go to your Bag and click on Synthetic. Look for Dream Pumpkin Wagon. One would be a Rare Pack and the other is Opt.

When you are ready to craft press Synthetic and it will give you either a Rare or Opt Pack depending on which sets you have. Rare crafting sets gives you a Rare Pack and Opt crafting sets gives you an Opt Pack.

Congratulations! You have created a Dream Pumpkin Wagon!

Opt Choices: (YL, BU, PK) and Rare Choices: (BK, WT)

You can also click on a friend and invite them to ride with you. Simply right-click on their avatar and choose “Invite to Ride”


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