Lily Harp

How to Craft it:

Required Items to craft Lily Harp:

x2 Flower Wood
x1 Lily Petal

Both Ingredients can be acquired from the New Easter Egg

One you have acquired the items above please go to your bag and onto “synthetize”  and look for Lily Harp. You will receive a random pack which may contain an Opt or a Rare pack.

When you have met all the requirements to craft the harp, press synthetize and the pack will be right in your inventory.

There you go! You have crafted a Lily Harp.

Opt Choices:

Pink (PK)

Blue (BU)

Gold (GD)
Rare Choices:

Black (BK)

White (WT)

This mount can also be used on profile (pose)


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