Submit a Ticket

1. Open

2. Choose CONTACT US tab and click "Click here to send a ticket to 3Claws Customer Care"

3. Log in either via Facebook or Google+

4. Click "Submit a Ticket"

5. Choose " Touch " as Department

6. Choose your ticket's PRIORITY Type
- Cheat or Bugs ( CRITICAL )
- Error Event Feature Report ( Emergency )

- Unsent/Not Received prizes/Winner Confirmation ( Urgent )
- Questions about Event, etc. ( High, Medium, Low )
Please insert Subject according to the conditions of the priority you are choosing. For example, Didn’t Receive Beautiful in White Reward. Do not forget to include your IGNServer, Screenshots as proofEvent links. if you are using special characters/ASCII for your IGN, please copy the name right from the game onto Word Documents and put it as an attachment along with your ticket.
NOTE: Do mind to always give your IGNSERVERand EVENT LINK in order for easier follow up. If your ticket has something to do with Top Up Event, always include PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS in screenshots.

7. After Submitting, you will be redirected to this page 

 8. To check your ticket you can always click My Tickets
- Status: Open = Ticket are submitted successfully
                              - Status: Answered = Ticket has been replied by Touch 3Claws Team

Tickets will be replied within the set Priority and will be processed in 3×24 hrs (excluding weekends or holidays).

Below is a list of recommendations to take into account when elaborating the ticket:
Use polite and respectful wording addressing to 3Claws Support.
Use appropriate punctuation and spelling.
Be concise and only add information and screenshot that you deem important in your case.
Inspect your ticket for typos or the details and or incomplete evidence.
Use racist, discriminatory or insulting language towards any other person involved regardless of the gravity of your situation.
Use excessive pleading
Add irrelevant or redundant information.
Include personal 3Claws account information such as the password. *e-mail and username are OK for evidence purpose*
Overuse punctuation marks, especially the exclamation mark.


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