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Did you know that you can be part of a family inside of the game?. Please read the next guide about Guild!

First of all, a guild is (like we mentioned before) a family/community inside of Touch to help players to interact and meet with other players as well.

Every player can create its own Guild once they reach level 15. After that they must pay 2,000 Credits in order to continue. Player can use a creative name for its guild (some special symbols and characters are available) along with an abbreviation (Abbr).

If you ever feel like you want to change the name of your guild, you can do it at anytime by purchasing a Guild Rename Card. It can be acquired from Shop by paying 8,000 Rc. Also, from Guild Shop and some players even sell it thru Exchange system.

Every guild has a hierarchical system which keeps everything in order.

The Head is the one who owns the Guild. It can be recognized by this icon and its color chat is ORANGE. Head have access to all the privileges and options such inviting or kicking people out of the guild, opening Guild Bosses and promote members to a Moderator position or demote them. Leader gets 20% discount on Guild Shop.

The Moderators are the ones in charge when the Head is away. They can be recognized by this icon and their color chat is PURPLE. Mods (in short) have almost the same privileges as Head (inviting and kicking, etc.) except for demoting/promoting members and leveling up the guild. They get 10% discount on Guild Shop.

Whenever a new member joins the guild, it will not be able to Sign in, Donate or buy on Guild Shop for the first 24 hours.


After 24 hours, you can Sign in and donate.

Everytime you sign in you will receive an Exp Card and Guild Points depending on the number of consecutive days. (First day gives 2 Guild Points, then 4 and so on, until you reach the 10 Guild Points which is the max amount per consecutive log in).

If you ever miss a day, it will be reset to the first day (2 Points again).

Every player can donate up to 100 contribution (10,000 Credits) and 40 contribution (200 Rc). The amount can be increased by leveling up the VIP level of the player.

Also, by completing all the daily missions the player will earn 50 Contribution Points automatically. Which means the player can donate from 52 up to 60 Contribution Points per day depending on its Log in streak.

Guild Boss

Every guild can choose a boss to fight from the list above:

However, in order to pick one the guild must complete the requirements by having certain amounts of Open Sesames.

Open Sesames can be acquired by doing daily missions or can be bought from both Rc and Guild Shop.

Only Head and Moderators can Open a Boss and pick a certain date for it.

An hour before Guild Boss, all the guild members can buy a damage multiplier (Lightning icon) which increases the damage (2x). You can buy as much as you want. However, only 3 pieces will work per boss (the rest can be stored for the next Guild boss).

Guild Level

The highest level at the moment is 10. Every level has its own Badge, different name color and it determines the amount of items that you can buy on Guild Shop

Guild Store

Contributing to the guild has its rewards. 

Guild coins (Also known as Community Coins) can be acquired from every contribution (player gets the equivalent in coins) and also, can be bought 5 Rc/Cr each.

The items there are random. It comes from Couple Actions, Buffs, Emojis and more!

Guild store will reset at 19:00 everyday.

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