Miss Autumn Dancing In The Wind

Miss Autumn Dancing in the Wind

This pretty girl is under World Boss Category. To be able to defeat her you have to wait for certain time, usually boss time.

Gather up your friends and defeat the boss by dancing together~ During the event, you will earn a certain damage in which you'll decreasing the boss' HP or life.

Event Rewards:
1 - Boss Wheel x1 for every 100 points of damage dealt;
2 - Boss Wheel x40 for No. 1 attacker;
3 - Boss Wheel x30 for No. 2 attacker; 4 - Boss Wheel x20 for No. 3 attacker;
5 - Boss Wheel x40 for the room with last strike;

Every wheel contents: Exp Cards, Credit Chests, Brc Cards, Funny Actions and Accessories, as well as Lop-ear Sheep(15D), Kiss Fish(30D), Fat Mouse(30D) and Little Star(30D).

Rewards will be sent through your mail in-game.

Miss Autumn's Wheel


1st Prize: Lop-Ear Sheep (not perm)

2nd Prize: Kiss Fish (not Perm)

3rd Prize: Fat Mouse (not Perm)

4th Prize: Little Star (not perm)

Other rewards are BRC and EXP Cards!

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