Good Luck Supernova

Good Luck Super Nova

To craft the title, you will need 5 chips.
These chips are "Good", "Luck", "Su", "Per" and "Nova".
The chips are collected from the Good Luck Supernova Opt Pack.
You can win this pack by spinning the Lucky Ferris Wheel.

Open the pack and choose the chips which you don't have yet.

Once you have all the 5 needed chips, click "Merge" on any chip.

Then, click on "Merge" to craft the title!

You will find the title crafted and sent to your inventory, click on it and it will be permanently added to your titles/achievements.

To wear the title, go to your Profile.
Go to the "Achievement" tab, and then "Event Achmt".
Choose "Good Luck Supernova" and click "Wear".

Looks cool, right?
Good luck with the Ferris Wheel!

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