Fun Quiz

Fun Quiz
[In-game Event]

Ever wonder how FUN QUIZ works? It’s simple.
There will be a Current Topic.  Every topic is divided into Straight and Opposite option, to follow the event you need to buy note 1 note per 100RC.
So with every guess, it will get note equivalence. The percentage will increase on the selected option (Straight or Opposite). Whichever got the least Note, wins.

For example, on the previous topic:
On this case, the Opposite got the least Note having a 49% - wins.
 To join, go to the “Current Topic” 

Here you may –

You can use  “CLICK TO PEEK” to see current result. The price will be based on how far the event from end. The closer the event ends, the higher the price for peeking.

Once you selected “Confirm”, the tally will show up~

Here you can see, the Straight is winning since it has lesser Notes. 
Press this "Guess" button to make a guess. It costs 100RC to make 1 Note.

Once you finished guessing, you’ll be prompted with this:

Lucky points can be used to avail these cute items:

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