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MOL [Money Online]
Step 1: create a MOL account and top-up your MOL balance. If you have already created a MOL account and/or are familiar with MOL, you can skip this step.

MOL homepage:
1.     Choose a payment channel which you prefer to top-up.

Note: Payment channels in MOL are different depending on which country you are from. Those shown here are payment channels used in Vietnam. If you’re from the Philippines, you may find LoadCentral, GameX, Globe, etc., instead.

2.     Check your current top-up balance.

Step 2: Login to Touch Top-up site:
Step 3: Choose Touch

Step 4: Select your server, Payment channel, and top-up amount
NOTE: Please be careful when you choose your server and top-up amount to make sure that they are correct. Promotional Code is optional. After that, proceed by clicking “Next step”.

Step 5: Choose MOL Points

Step 6: Login to MOL

Step 7: Confirm your purchase

Check if your payment amount is correct. Enter your MOL password, and then click “Confirm & Pay”.

Note: Your payment is taxed depending on which country you are from. (E.g., Vietnam: 12%, Malaysia: 6%, the Philippines: 0%)

Step 8: Purchase succeeded

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