Green Game Reward


When the activity is on-going, a green leaf icon will appear on the activity tab in-game. Click on the icon and a small window which reads the rules of the activity will pop-up.

Click Claim to receive the reward, which is 5 double star buffs. However, please take note that you can only claim the reward once daily during the event period. After receiving the buffs, you can hover your mouse over the double star icon to check the remaining number of available buffs. The icon with a leaf silhouette indicates how many you have left.
5 Double star cards will be refreshed after reset, so remember to claim and make use of them!

Another reward you can get from the activity can be found in the guild interface. 
Click Claim, and you will receive a Green game Random pack in your inventory. 
Note: only claimable if no guild member in your guild get reported ‘tag-on’.
You might get Credits or an Exp Card from the pack, or if you’re lucky enough, the Leaves used to craft Wand of Leaves, a 30-day hand accessory.

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