Bearing a Baby


Every player can have a maximum of 4 babies. Having 2 set of twins will give you the maximum children limit.

How to have a baby
To find the baby tab, click the profile tab at the top of the game, then click baby info.

To start the bearing phase, click “start a wish” 

After you confirm your wish, Touch will send you a “Will-be Mother Outfit” (30 days) via mail. 

Your baby will then start the bearing phase. The bearing time is how long it will take for your baby to turn into an infant. 

To speed up the bearing phase, players can use cultivation potions by using CR/RC/Lucky Coin.

After your baby is finished bearing, Touch will send you a notification.

Touch will also automatically send you a Name Changer item for your baby (once you confirm your baby’s name, the item will disappear from your bag). If you have twins, you will receive 2 baby Name Changers. If you wish to change your baby’s name again, you must purchase another Name Change which costs 3000 CR/RC/Lucky Coin

How to Convert baby into single/twin

To convert your baby into a single child, click the left “+” sign. To convert your baby into twins, click the right “+” sign.

For every +1% conversion into single child or twins, it costs 120 CR/RC/Lucky Coin.

Single/Twins Converter

This item can be found in the guild store (keep in mind that the guild store items are random and change daily). 

1 Single/Twins Converter item allows players to increase their chances by +1% to have twins or a single child.  For example, if a player has 50 items, they will have 50% + 1% chance to have twins (the 1% is an automatically given to players). 1 Single/Twins converter item will be deducted for every 1% single/twins chance converted.

How to convert baby into girl/boy

To convert your baby into a boy, click the left “+” sign. To convert your baby into a female, click the right “+” sign. 

For every +1% conversion into male/female gender, it costs 120 CR/RC/Lucky Coin. 

Zodiac of Baby 
During bearing phase, Touch will randomly assign your baby a random zodiac sign. During bearing phase, players can change their baby’s zodiac sign.

To convert your baby’s zodiac sign, it costs 800 CR/RC/Lucky Coin.

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