Cupid God of Love

The Cupid God of Love
(World Boss)

I’m coming, I’m coming – Time to fall in love, young people!

During the event: completing each round of dance will deal some damage to the boss. You gain one reward for every 100 damages. When the event ends, the top 3 attackers will receive extra rewards and the room of the last-strike will gain fortune rewards as well.


1. Change Wheel x1 for every 100 damages;
2. Extra 40 VDW for No. 1 attacker;
3. Extra 30 VDW for No. 2 attacker;
4. Extra 20 VDW for No. 3 attacker;
5. Extra 40 VDW for the last-strike room;

6. Wheel contents: EXP Card, Credit Chest, BR Cards, Funny Action, and accessories, as well as special reward – Sweet Mood (15d), Crouchy Cat and Mini Bird (30d).

After you defeated the boss, rewards will be sent in-game through your mail.
Claim it and you will find your prizes in your backpack.



Sweet Mood

Mini Bird

Crouchy Cat

Elk Hairpin

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