World Boss: Annoying Elder Tang

"Riding on his frigging llama, he ended up in TOUCH. He is a nice guy, but annoyingly talktive! Like jamming a rocket into your ears! Also, he claimed that he had mastered the art of Hu-hu Dance from the west and would like to see how he fares among all of you. Come on, don't let Elder Tang look down on you."

During the event: Completing each round of dance will deal a certain ammount of damage to the world boss.
You gain 1 chance to spin boss wheel for every 100 point of damage dealt to boss. When the event ends, the top 3 attackers will receive extra rewards as well as the room of the last strike. The more partner dancers, the higher the bonus attack!

Event Rewards:
1 - Boss Wheel x1 for every 100 point of damage dealt;
2 - Boss Wheel x40 for No. 1 attacker;
3 - Boss Wheel x30 for No. 2 attacker; 4 - Boss Wheel x20 for No. 3 attacker;
5 - Boss Wheel x40 for the room with last strike;

Every wheel contents: Exp Cards, Credit Chests, Brc Cards, Funny Actions and Accessories, as well as a special reward (depending on the boss).

Elder Tang's Wheel :

Title Craft:
To craft the title you need 3 pieces of Elder Tang title chips


Wearing Title:

Title in Achievement:

1st prize crafting :
To craft the Alpaca (30 days) you need 3x Coat of the Alpaca !

Other prizes :
Leopard Stripes Glasses (7 Days)
Baby Pacifer (7 Days)
Handbag Pack (7 Days)

Image preview:

Cute Billycock (7 Days)

Image preview:

Credits to:
Touch 3Claws
Official Germany Moderator

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