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Article about Childhood:

Hey hey T-Dancer! :3 Did you know that if you finally get your baby to a child, he/she will be able to give you lots of cool fashion and accessories?
let us go together through, what's new.

First go and open your profile and then click on “Baby Info”. It will look more or less, like this Screenshot. First lets check the Class Level and the work your kid can do.

There are three different Class Level, you can check them by pressing on “Baby Ability

Every class giving you different craft materials.




The first item you want to craft will cost 10x Lvl 1 craft material. But every next Opt Pack you want to craft, will cost you more craft material, So later many different level materials are needed.

There are also rare items available, you can up the chance to get a rare item. By pressing on 

How to get your child to work :

To start working just press on the button “Start Work” which is circled on the screenshot.

After pressing on the button this gonna appear :

Now your child is working.

Every work will cost your child 50 Satiety

If your Satiety reaching less than 50 you can’t send your child to work anymore. You have to press on the cake right next to the bar. 
You can feed your baby with 4 different food.

By using Credits, BRC; RC / CR. Every food give different number of satiety.

After finishing the work you can claim the reward on your profile on the “Baby Info”

Now check your bag, which reward you got.

Beside the work option, you can also get wings for your child.

By pressing on “Culltivation” this gonna appear :

You need to level your Aptitude, to activate wings. The max. level of aptitude is level 3.

To get it on level 1 you need to consume 200 Aptitude. After you reached level 1 , you need to consume 500 Aptitude to reach level 2 and after reaching level 2 you need to consume 1000 Aptitude to reach level 3 wings.

Level 1 = you get small wings for your child
Level 2 = you get bigger wings for your child
Level 3 = you get big flying wings for your child

You can choose three different wings 

You can only choose one wing !
If you want new wings for your child you have the drop the first picked wings and select a new one. 
This will cost you 3000 RC/CR. So think over very well.


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